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Switch S800A

Snap Action Switch
Type: S800A

Technical Data:
Utilization category:                   DC 110 V/ 1 A                        
Utilization category: AC 230 V/ 3 A
Conventional thermal current : Ith 10A
Pollution degree: PD3
Insulation Level: 4KV/3
Actuating force: 3N
Release force: 0.3 N min
Temperature range: -40℃ to +85℃
Degree of protection : Terminals IP00
Degree of protection : Contact system IP40     
Installation/Connection: M3 Screw
Weight: 21~41g
Mechanical endurance: >3x106
Electric life: >1x105
Dimensions:  50x28x12mm
 Features :
1.Forced contact opening
2.High electrical load capacity by a massive shorting bar
3.Transparent housing
4.Direct action switch available
5.Pretective housings available
6.Contact material:hard silver