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DC contactors

we can supply all kinds of contactors,such as250A,440V/ 400A,440V/100A,440V/150A,440V/600A,440V and so on.
ISO9001:2008 Certificate.
The main tech data:
Type: CZO-250E/01 CZO-250E/10 CZO-250E/20
Rated Current:                              250A       250A 250A
Rated Voltage (Max):                  440V 440V 440V
Contact Quantity: 1 1 2
Interlocking Contact: 6 teams 6 teams 6 teams
Rated Current:
(Interlocking Contact)
10A 10A 10A
Operation Frequency: 600 times/h 600 times/h 600 times/h
Coil Voltage: 440V,220V, 120V ,110V, 48V,24V 440V,220V, 120V ,110V, 48V,24V 440V,220V, 120V ,110V, 48V,24V
Installation Size: 290mm 325mm 320mm
Contour Size: 263X100X362 mm 265X100X327 mm 303X205X356 mm


ISO9001:2008 Certificate.

ISO9001:2008 Certificate. ISO9001:2008 Certificate.